It is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.

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Clara Barton’s Life: The Founder Of Red Cross.

Clara Barton

Clara Barton, a young girl, dreamed of becoming a nurse to help others. She was conceived in Oxford, Massachusetts, on December 25, 1821. She was the third child of Steven Barton (the son) and Sarah Barton (the daughter). …

Active Men With Passive Voice In Kashmir

Imre Kertesz said, “Fiction is a form that is more truthful …”.”

I was a second Lieutenant when I arrived in Kashmir in 1992. For a year, I was in Kashmir with an infantry unit. Kashmir valley was at that …

Texas Constitution: Compliance With The Needs Of The 21st Century

Texas’s government is split into three distinct but equal branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. These are all part of the 1876 Texas Constitution. The Texas legislative branch will be my focus. We will look at the history and …

Mandatory Voting: Pros And Cons

Table of Contents

Arguments for Mandatory Voting

Arguments against Mandatory Voting

Mandatory voting has its consequences

Australia: Experience the Difference

Canada: Compulsory voting: Some considerations

The most fundamental principle of democracy is voting. Participating as a citizen in elections is, …

Sexual Assault In The Army: Why The Numbers Are Still Increasing

The Army is very concerned about sexual assault because of the growing number of cases. Merriam defines sexual assault to be “illegal sexual contact” that is used to force a person to consent to it or to inflict pain …

The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (jrotc): Its Role And History

Bright Futures are possible through discipline and training

Booker T. Washington once wrote, “Those who do more for others are happier.” The JROTC program provides young adults with a federal program to inspire leadership, citizenship, character, and service in their …

Different Understanding Of Peace: Malala Yousafzai


What does Peace mean to you? Peace is the totalization of freedom. It is the absence of violence, war and disorder. Peace is the act of fleeing. There are many perspectives and aspects to this definition. Peace has been …

My Jrotc Program: Development Of Self-confidence And Leadership

JROTC was my 4 year experience. It helped me develop self-confidence, leadership skills, and leadership abilities. The impact of service-learning on my life helped me become a better citizen by helping others. JROTC helps you to plan for the future. …

Abraham Lincoln And His Democratic Leadership

A leader is someone who is in charge of leading and directing others in a given field. Professor Warren G. Bennis stated that leaders are people who do right things, while managers are people who do right. Leaders are those …

How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson: Essay And Document Analysis

Andrew Jackson was a great example of democracy. Andrew Jackson believed in Democracy. He believed that every branch and agency of government had to listen to and obey the will and wishes of the people. He wanted the country to …

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