It is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.

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A Reflection On Visiting The Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has over 2 million pieces of artwork in its 2.2 million-square-foot space. Met was originally not so big, but as more and more art work was added, various additions were made to the museum. The …

A Critique Of Jean-michel Basquiat’s Paintings

Jean Michel Basquiat’s artwork was created using a consistent technique. Every piece of art he created seemed to be the same. In the majority of the paintings he did, he used the same skeleton-like face to represent human faces. His …

Movie Review ‘Last Samurai’

Even if the production is loosely inspired by a period of history, it can be difficult to design and write. It is expected and responsible that the history of a period in history be told with respect, while also taking …

Importance Of Color In All Spheres Of Our Life

It is important to use color when communicating a message. Color draws attention, sets a tone, and directs the eye in the right direction. Color gives people an idea of what to expect and how they can get there. Colors …

Analysis Of Pablo Picasso’s Artwork ‘The Weeping Woman’

The painting “The Weeping Woman”, by Pablo Picasso, has been the one that I have most influenced my own work and thought process. Picasso is someone I have studied all my life and who has had a great influence on …

Edvard Munch And His Work ‘the Scream’

A masterpiece may be an outstanding painting, film or piece of literature. A masterpiece is an artwork that embodies all the goals of an author, painter or other artist. It is something of exceptional quality. The Scream can be considered …

Mackenzie Hall: A Field Report

This report was based on the Mackenzie Hall at 3277 Sandwich Street, Windsor. Alexander Mackenzie, later Prime Minister of Canada, built the Hall in 1855. This is one of Windsor’s oldest places. It was originally a jail and courthouse, but …

Creativity And Innovation In Our World

Table of Contents

This is an introduction.



In summary,

You can hear the words creativity and innovations in media and everyday life. Conversation can be used both as a term for a human-made product or to describe the …

Multi-sensory Architecture

Architectures have always been used to house human function or activity. Form follows function was the main principle that guided design. Frank Gehry (2014, architect) stated that the desire to see first is driving architecture. Architects no longer consider the …

Art History: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo

Table of Contents


Renaissance Period

The era of Baroque art and culture.

Rococo Period


This essay examines the relationship between the arts, the Baroque period, and the Rococo period. In the Renaissance period, science was closely tied to …

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