A masterpiece may be an outstanding painting, film or piece of literature. A masterpiece is an artwork that embodies all the goals of an author, painter or other artist. It is something of exceptional quality. The Scream can be considered Edvard Much’s most important work. The Scream is a world-famous work of art. The beauty of a work of art is not always important as long as its meaning, emotion or idea can be evoked by the viewer.

Edvard munch is considered the founder of modern expressionist painting. Munch used the artistic skills he had to express what he felt about social change. Edvard was frequently sick, as his mother died at age five, and his older sister also died from a disease when she was fifteen. In addition, his youngest sister was diagnosed as having a mental disease at a very young age. In a childhood marked by death and illness, painting and illustrating was his way to express himself.

Munch’s ability to portray a raw and profound emotion onto canvas was so amazing that he received negative criticism from his father and the media. Even though many of Munch’s paintings are not considered beautiful by some, I consider them masterpieces because they show his emotions. Many of his works, such as The Scream convey a clear message. Edvard Much was a rebel. It was his unconventional approach to art that made him one the worlds best-known artists. Paintings can sell for millions.

Edvard Munch’s most famous work is ‘The Scream.’ It can also be called “The Cry”. This painting features a bizarre character who is holding his mouth and eyes wide open while screaming in fear from a bridge. Behind him, two people are walking the other way. They seem unaware or unconcerned by the screaming figure in front of them. The screaming character seems to be going through a conflict within himself and under pressure. Munch said that “The Scream’s” inspiration was autobiographical. Munch’s most famous work is known for its symbolism. This is why I think The Scream, a painting by Edvard Munch, is a masterpiece. It reflects Edvard Munch emotions. The definition of an agonized soul, he was.

Munch was prone to anxiety and panic. Panic attacks are sudden, overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety. Munch was known for his use of anxiety in his art. It is no surprise that this painting has a haunting mood. Munch uses colors that are similar, like oranges and reds, or yellows and greens. But the painting has a muddy look, giving off gloomy and dark feelings. The colors next to each on the wheel of color are analogous. They are usually soothing colors. Oil paint’s dense brushstrokes create the illusion of movement blurring, as if the world were whirling about the figure. The water and land are difficult to distinguish. Munch used atmospheric perspective in his paintings to create an illusion of depth. The technique of atmospheric perspective is used to create the illusion that objects are farther away. They appear lighter and less detailed. Munch was a brilliant artist of his day and The Scream is a captivating piece.


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