What does Peace mean to you? Peace is the totalization of freedom. It is the absence of violence, war and disorder. Peace is the act of fleeing. There are many perspectives and aspects to this definition. Peace has been a fundamental element of our world for many years. Many desire to have freedom, be free from violent and disturbing situations, and escape from hardships. Obama accepts Speech, Malala Yousafazi’s Nobel Peace Prize speech, President Eisenhower’s speech. These speeches show that different or similar perspectives can be held on peace interpretations.

The Nobel Peace Prize was presented to President Obama in 2009. On December 10, 2009, he delivered an acceptance speech entitled “Remarks of the President at The Acceptance of Nobel Peace Prize” that reflected his views on peace. Opening his speech, he remarks on fate and how it can be changed. 1 “… that despite all the hardship and cruelty of this world, fate is not our only prisoner. Your actions are important and can alter history to favor justice. Obama simply clarifies how freedom and peace can be achieved by our decisions. Peace is about justice. Only you can make the right decisions and live a happy life. Obama also explained that peace and justice can be achieved in small or large communities by many people who are not recognized. Peace does not have to be about large-scale wars or violence. It can also include small, everyday things that create happiness and peace. 2″Then there are those around the globe who have been jailed or beaten in pursuit of justice; those who work in humanitarian organizations to alleviate suffering This is another important aspect of Peace. It is possible to live without suffering and still find happiness. This speech has important implications beyond the people who were involved. The time frame of President Obama’s speech is crucial in understanding Peace. During the acceptance speech, American soldiers were fighting in two wars. 3″One war is over. The other is not a war America sought; it involves 42 other countries (including Norway) in an effort defend ourselves and other nations against further attacks. Since wars began, we have tried to make peace by replacing war with war. This is the exact opposite of peace and it is putting American Soldiers at risk. Obama hopes to make history and bring Peace instead of war. Obama wants peace to be a priority and believes that justice is better than destruction. Obama not only achieved the Nobel Peace Prize but many other great achievements. Barack Obama hopes for peace through all of his accomplishments, including the capture of Osama bin Laden and the return of American troops to war zones. In 1953, Eisenhower delivered the “Cross of Iron Speech”. Eisenhower contemplates the question 4 “… of all people, and how it affects the possibility for peace for all. People shouldn’t live with fear, but they are more afraid of war than peace. Unfortunately, even after peace has been achieved, fear can remain. Eisenhower also explained that fear can still be a factor even in times of peace. “Today, hope of freemen remains stubborn and brave. But it is sternly disciplined with experience…The chance to peace with clear, unambiguous knowledge of what happened in 1945. Eisenhower suggests five principles to help people move from the war aftermath toward peace. These five principles can be used to alleviate fear, promote peace, and decrease tensions. 6″This was the way that the United Nations intended: to prevent strife and to ease tensions, to banish worries. President Eisenhower simply looked at the larger picture of peace. 7 “If we attempt to fail and it remains armed to itself, it at minimum need not be divided further in its clear knowledge who has condemned humankind towards this fate.” Eisenhower just views the whole picture in the sense that it is still possible to try if it fails.

Even though people can make every effort to find peace with their fears, it is still possible to choose to live in peace rather than fear. Eisenhower and Obama feel peace should be something all people can feel. However, he recognizes how fear always wins, regardless of circumstances. Fear is an everlasting feeling in many people, regardless of how much peace is achieved.

After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai presented a Nobel Lecture. She tells us how proud she feels to be the youngest, most prominent Pakistani Nobel Prize recipient and still fighting with her brothers. She tells us that she would love to see peace all around, but she cannot make it happen. Malala finds peace in helping children. 8 “… them can work together, achieve their children’s right goals.” Malala said that she is the happyest girl in the whole world when she helps children in need. She hopes to provide education for the unprivileged and bring about peace. 9 “I am just a stubborn and committed person who wants every child to get quality education, and women to have equal rights. Malala does not want to feel peace for herself. She just wants the peace to be felt by those around her, and the people who are suffering. Malala is determined to help children get education, as her right was taken away at 10 years old. Malala believes peace is about giving. She cares more for others’ feelings than she does. 10″When my life suddenly changed, my priorities also changed.” Malala became more concerned with fighting for justice and the cause she believed in. Malala was expressing her thoughts on a bus in 2012 when she was stopped by terrorists and attacked. They didn’t want to see her fighting for justice. They believed she would be killed, but Malala survived. Malala’s message was widely spread. 11″We survived. Ever since that fateful day, Malala and her supporters have been advocating for peace more fervently. She will continue to share her message of peace until it is a reality in every corner of the globe.

Freedom, or freedom from fear or disturbance, is the ultimate goal. This allows you to be who you are without fear that you will be punished. Peace is exactly what it is. Everyone views peace in a different way, but there is one meaning. That being, it refers to freedom generally and the act or escaping from the fear we all experience each day. Malala Yousafzai and President Obama all believe in peace. However, they see it differently. Both President Obama as well as Eisenhower consider peace a relief from suffering. They don’t want people to feel afraid anymore. Malala believes peace is seeing people who are suffering happy. Malala wants all children to have equal rights, and to be able to get an education. Everyone views peace differently. There will be many ways people encounter peace, but the true meaning of peace and its value will remain unchanged. Peace is the act that you escape or become free. Let’s look at peace as a way for us to escape all our fears. Each interpretation of peace is an important feeling. It is also a powerful feeling.


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